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Notes from April

August 8, 2009

Keeping on…keeping on!

Happy Saturday!

It’s been an entire week since i last weighed in at WW.  The weight loss competition has really kept me focused, resulting in a successful weigh-in this morning.  I was down!!   I made it through a week of 3 family members having surgery, my mom & step-dad living in my living room, a super busy schedule, some really challenging workouts & “FRIDAY”!!  There were times when emotions ran high & low with a little  fear, stress, childhood “crap” & fatigue.  But i hung in there, concentrating on one meal/day at a time-determined to achieve my goals.  Completely thankful for the support & love and health of all my loved ones!

So what’s this?  I survived “FRIDAY”! ?!  Well, I don’t know about you, but Friday has always been the hardest day of the week for me to stay “on track” with my diet & with finding the motivation to exercise.  It’s routinely been my ”let my hair down, celebrate! it’s time to pig out kind of day”.  So having the 5:30am & 8:30am boot camp classes was an awesome way to start my day.  And I knew i needed prepare for the long day ahead.  Michael and I had to make a 4 hour drive (at 4pm) to get my mom & step-dad back home (long story) so i got in my swim workout, early.  I made a conscious decision to eat clean all day & NOT snack my way from my home to my mom’s and back (as the monotony of car drving has driven me to mindlessly munch in the past).  The stop at the convenience store was super tempting, but i settled on sugarless gum & a bottled water & ate the Fullbar i brought along.  As it started getting late on our way home, we got super hungry.  Realizing it was out of my control, I caved on my “no going out to eat for the week” goal and we finally decided on Amici’s in downtown Madison.  This was after passing up Waffle House, Chili’s, Ihop, an assorment of other seafood, steak and mexican restaurants.  Not to mention all the (not even remotely tempting, but somebody’s keeping these folks in business) All-You-Can-Eat options at CONVENIENCE STORES – crack me up!!!  The night was breezy so we chose a relaxing table outside.  I ordered smart & enjoyed everybite of my salad, tomato & basil & slice of veggie pizza.  It was relaxing & i was able to enjoy the moment with Michael without obsessing on “oh! i shouldn’t be eating this” kind of thoughts rolling around in my head!  One often gets these kind of thoughts if you’re doing something that’s in conflict with your goals or with what you SAY you want.  Like:  polishing off a basket of chips with cheese dip, but saying you want to lose weight.  Drinking too much the night before a road race, but saying you want to be a faster runner.  It’s the internal conflict that drags us down.  Eliminate the conflict & you eliminate the stress! 

It was awesome starting today off with a run/walk with WoW! folks at 8am!  A fine group of women & men looking to change their lives – one workout at a time!  EVERYONE of us has a story.  It’s our own.  I appreciate the diversity!!  It’s the amazing women & men at WoW! that make my life so rich and of whom i thought of as i was reading this quote this morning.  It was a quote from Carey Hart.  He’s a motorcyle stunt guy or some hollywood star (i think).  I don’t pretend to know anything about motorcycle riding and i can’t relate to that in anyway, but his quote inspired me nonetheless.  so here goes…After being asked, What have you overcome? Carey Hart stated: “Getting back on my motorcycle after all my injuries.  Every time I’m lying in the dirt saying I don’t want to do it anymore, I find a way to get back on.”  So i thought about myself and all of YOUR hardknocks & life experiences(self imposed or not!) and i thougth about how we all just have to find a way to “get back on”!  Even in the context of WoW! Boot Camp, to me it pertains to more than diet and exercise (how we handle missing a workout or making a bad food choice or drinking too much).  It’s about how we handle our marriages, friendships, jobs, the economy, saying the wrong thing, making a mistake, transitions, crisis, injuries, growth, family & goals.  Do we settle?  Do we give up or do we “get back on”?  Something to think about.

So here’s to keeping on…keeping on!

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