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Notes from April

November 3, 2009

Laura Ryan – way to go girl!!

Laura Ryan – lost 25 pounds!
(I love the running shoes in the background!)Laura Ryan
Happy 1 yr WoW! Anniversary to Laura…and what a way to celebrate!  She just completed her 2nd Triathlon last month and weighed in 25 pounds less than she did when she started WoW! Boot Camp exactly 1 year ago.  

Laura’s big losses:
25 pounds
7 % body fat
4 1/4 ” off her hips
3 1/4″ thighs
2 1/4″ waist
2″ chest-above the breast-which really measures your “back fat” (lovely!)
1 1/2″ bicep

For 8 months Laura showed up at WoW! – consistantly – but only lost a few pounds here and there.  It wasn’t until the last 4 months that the weight literally started “falling off”.

I asked Laura to share with other WoW! Boot Campers what changes she made – especially in the last 4 months – to see te weight come off.  Here’s what Laura had to say!
#1-I quit going out at night.  Meaning – she cut way down on consuming alchohol.  She said there were two main reasons.  First, she started working longer hours and started attending grad school.  Second, she started training for a Triathlon.  “You can’t get up and have a quality workout if you’ve been out the night before”. 
Which leads to #2-I bought a bike and started training for a triathlon.  Laura  found that having something to train for made it easier to choose to exercise on her off days from Boot Camp-so she was getting in 5-6 days of exercise per week.  She added swimming, biking and additional runs to her regimen.  Nothing drastic.  Just 30-45 min of swim or run.  A little longer on the bike.
#3-I changed my diet-BIG TIME!  Laura said she dusted off her WoW! cooler pack and started using it.  She takes her snacks and lunches to work and school with her.  “In the morning (or the night before) I plan what I am going to eat for the entire day-then I take it with me and stick to it!”

Always an apple!
String Cheese
1 cup of grapes
Low fat yogurt
8 Honey Wheat Pretzel Sticks
Veggie Wrap-La Tortialla w/ 2 T hummus, cucumber, carrots and any other veggies she has on hand.
Turkey Wrap-La Tortialla w/ Honey maple turkey & low fat pepper jack cheese.
Lean Cuisine Pannini-Chicken, mushroom & spinach

Laura says she always makes time for breakfast!
Mini bagels with WW Cream Cheese
2 egg whites with serving of cheese and topped with salsa
Fiber One muffin from Fiber One muffin mix
Pastaroni (Tomato parmesan) with tons of sauteed veggies.  Like squash, zuccini, mushrooms.
Veggie Bowl from Transmetropolitan (Because it’s across from where i live).  It’s literally a bowl of veggies.  You can choose steamed or sauteed and it comes with a serving of bread.

All the time at boot camp prior to these last 4 months were not in vain though!  Laura would have been gaining weight had she not stuck with the WoW! program.  Additionally, she was building the cardiovascular strengh and endurance she needed to progress.  And she was learning-getting inspired by others & making small changes that were getting her ready for bigger ones!  REALLY BIG CHANGE happens when YOU are ready to put forth the effort necessary to take the next step!

Callaway TriSusan Little (WoW! girl!), Stephanie (WoW! 5:30 & 8:30am instructor) & Laura Ryan get ready for their first TRIATHLON!!


a note from Laura:

I just wanted to talk about the impact WoW! Boot Camp has had on me. When attending my first boot camp with a friend I felt like I was attempting the impossible. My first month was difficult, but I “truly” believe it was the power of WoW! Boot Camp that has motivated me to regain control of my body. Every single woman at WoW! has inspired me and kept me going when all I wanted to do was quit. This summer, I completed my fist sprint triathlon at Callaway Gardens.  April was there to watch me, Stephanie and my friend and fellow boot camper, Susan Little, compete in the race. I can’t explain how incredible it felt to run through that finish line; an accomplishment which I give credit to WoW! Boot Camp for providing me with the support, training, and motivation I lacked. It has seriously changed the way I live my life, and I feel so much happier than ever before.

So thank you April, all the instructors, and every single boot camper for being the inspirational people you are! – Laura Ryan


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