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Notes from April

April 7, 2009


I’m almost finished with Jennette Fulda’s book: Half-Assed a weight-loss memoir.  I love this excerpt:

Jennette’s talking to an overweight middle aged woman….

“How do you stay motivated?”  Carol asked.

I should have just told her to screw motivation.  If I waited for motivation to do the dishes, I’d have plates stacked on my counter so high that I couldn’t open the microwave.  Which I currently did.  I was never motivated to do my dishes.  Yet I turned on the faucet and poured out some dish soap anyway.  It wasn’t because I wanted to have fun with bubbles; it was because I had to.  I couldn’t bring myself to eat off paper plates.

People waited for motivation to find them, but they needed to go out and find motivation.  It’s doubtful that you would get to the bottom of that pint of ice cream and find the message “You need to lose weight” written on the bottom.

This was all easier said than done, of course.  It’s hard to get unstuck, but it takes even longer to pull your feet out of the gum left on the sidewalk if you wait for someone else to come along with Goo Gone.  You just have to do it, even though you don’t want to.  If you saw diet and exercise as optional, you were screwed.  It was nonnegotiable. (p 223)


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