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Notes from April

August 4, 2009

One meal(day) at a time!

I’m feeling great about this 12 week weight loss competition.  I’m cutting out a lot of unnecessary nibbles and what had become more than just occasional sweet treats.  (All justified by how much I was exercising & the fact that I’m fit & healthy & at an “acceptable” weight.)  In keeping with what works (the reason Michael & I lost so much weight in the first place) I made a BIG trip to the grocery & filled up one of those bottomless carts with copious amounts of healthy fare from the perimeter of the store.  I think Janie and I only went down the center isle for toilet paper and whole wheat pasta-which in her opinion belongs in the same category.  Additionally, I declared this week “no going out to eat week” at the Williams house.  I weighed in at Weight Watcher’s on Saturday (had to pay it’s been so long!) and started writing everything I eat down in my journal. 

I identified all the reasons I want to lose a few (about 7) pounds –keeping me well within the healthy BMI guidelines!!:

  1. I’ll be a faster runner & biker.  The lighter the load the easier it is to carry.
  2. I’m tired of losing the same 2-5 pounds over & over!
  3. It was nice not having a little roll where my jeans button.  Especially when I sit down.  I want flat abs again like I had just 2 short years ago.
  4. I want to have a smooth bra line on my back.
  5. I feel better when I eat better.
  6. I want better than “average”.
  7. I want my clothes to fit better.
  8. I will feel more confident.

This challenge has come at a really good time for me as the days are fast approaching my Sept 27th half Ironman Race in Augusta.   So 2 days into the challenge I’m feeling confident & hopeful.  Then out of the clear blue ether I start having these random defeating thoughts.  I was leaving the YMCA last night sometime after 9pm following my swim workout (which I fully completed even though I REALLY didn’t feel like it!!)….

April’s random defeating thoughts & temptations:

  • 12 weeks is such a very long time from now.  I’ll probably do well this week then just lose &  gain it back like I’ve been doing.
  • Go ahead, drive to Jason’s deli and go out to eat.  Surely you burned off enough to eat that ice cream (with toppings of course!)
  • This interesting dialog between “Yes, go out to eat” and “No, go home” got me so flustered and distracted I was driving away from my house & towards Kroger, Willy’s & Jason’s Deli before I knew it.  My mother-in-law called and snapped me out of it.  I turned around after she offered me a roasted turkey breast (She’s an angel!)  You must know…I made a REALLY big deal out of not going to eat with the whole family, so I couldn’t “cheat” on them!

It really surprised me how those defeating thoughts and temptations came out of nowhere!  Especially after doing something as positive as making my swim workout happen!  (A lot of you know that swimming is not exactly my favorite of the 3 Tri sports & I’ve been known to be a bit of a slacker when it comes to swim workouts.  I’ve often cut them short or downright skipped the entire workout!)  I tell myself to not get ahead of myself.  Stay in the moment.  Focus on this meal.  So I made it home – settled on pairing my turkey breast with my new favorite Kefir dish.  I’m proud I stuck to my goal of not going out to eat.  I’m off to bed.

I check my email this morning & read one from one of my favorite boot campers.  BAM!!  She’s sharing EXACTLY what I’d been struggling with.  And it’s very likely what most of us deal with when it comes to achieving our goals (weight loss in particular).  Self-doubt, impatience, fear.  She states “Am going to try and do better with food. We’ll see how long it lasts.”  So I type back, reminding both she & myself “Here’s your friendly reminder to take it 1 meal at a time.  Choose something you like and enjoy.  (That’s why I eat Kefir…for the Udi’s – even though it’s only ¼ cup.  I have to measure it though, cause it can get ugly!)  I like those darn Garden Burgers too.  You can do anything you put your mind to…I’ve see it!”


So we get impatient.  We look too far ahead and we don’t believe in ourselves or trust ourselves.  But we can!  Keep it simple.  Focus on one meal at a time and if you screw up…don’t thrash yourself.  Start over.  It’s all about a healthy lifestyle and eating well so that you can give yourself the gift of the best life possible – for YOU!  And if that means you’re more confident with a smooth bra line or a size 14 down from a 28 – GO FOR IT!!!!!!!!!

And laugh!  Michael, Sam & I were talking about a grocery shopping list on our way home from the hospital.

We decided we’d tell folks to keep it simple and don’t buy anything that ends with an “o”:





Potato (chips)

I’m sure you’ve got some clever additions of your own (I’ve already forgotten ½ of Michael’s)

For a more serious look at junk food to avoid:  http://yourtotalhealth.ivillage.com/the-10-worst-snack-foods.html

Be willing to put forth the effort it takes to achieve your weight loss & fitness goals.  One meal(day) at a time!

Have faith!


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