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July 16, 2009

Vacation…Ironman/girl style!

Whether you took last week off from your regularly scheduled class in Athens or attended one of the other WoW! options, I hope you had a WONDERFUL week!  My family certainly did!!

We vacationed IRONMAN style (or ½ IRONMAN in my case)! 

 Running:  While some of you were running the P’tree Road Race, we started our July 4th celebration with a 10K (in the mountains at Lake Rabun).  It was a challenging course to say the least.  I took 1st in my age group and Michael won Overall Men’s Masters (that means you’re over 40!, but the fastest) and he brought home a PRIZE for the family….8 hours of jet ski rental-FREE!  Kids were a little more excited about Dad’s win!!

 Swimming:  After our friends left, I took Robert’s place of guiding Michael down a part of the lake called “the narrows” in a kayak while he swam for 1 hour.  I had no idea what an upper body workout that is!  My triceps are still sore (or is it from holding on for dear life on the “Taco”?)!!  For the record, I only swim in lakes for races.  I find a lot of comfort in numbers.

 Biking: Then there were the bike rides!  We’d take off super early while the kids were still asleep ( I went 2.5-3 hours while Michael would have to continue on for 5!).  It was so beautiful riding in the mountains!!  Just beautiful and exhilarating .  We had lots of challenging climbs and crazy steep descents.  One minute we would be rolling along at 20 mph and the next struggle to maintain 6 mph then hit a wild 40mph downhill (you know …those kind of hills where you see the signs with a truck on it to show you how to stop if your brakes give out)!!  I was sceeeered.  It was so awesome being able to share this together!!

 And more running!:  I misunderstood Coach Michael one day when he told me where to run for 1 hour.  I started off on a beautiful course along the lake, over a dam, but ended up running a 2.5 mile climb!!  Cursing-wondering why he sent me up the side of a mountain like a darn billy goat?!?  Turns out I was to go left, not right.  Details!  I know I’m stronger for it…somehow!

FUN!-Training just got the day started.  All the swimming, biking & running were followed by a full day of skiing, tubing, wakeboarding, tacoing, fishing, reading, grilling, eating, and playing board games. Each day was a full day & we all slept sound at night!

I love that we’re an active family!  It’s fun having goals and sticking to them, even making them a part of our vacation.  Eat, train, relax & Fun!  I can handle that!!  It sure beats how I vacationed just 4 short years ago.  I still remember sitting in a beach chair, covered with a towel (and a blanket of insecurity) dreading the kids wanting me to get up.

 I’m glad I woke up and realized no one is in control of my happiness but me; therefore, I have the power to change anything about myself or my life…everyday – Just as you do!  Go for your BEST LIFE!!

I’m energized and ready to see you at Boot Camp for one fabulous contribution to your best life!!


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