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The next step is your WoW! Boot Camp Pre-Assessment.

Prior to the start of each Boot Camp session, we do a Pre-Assessment.  It’s a very simple, easy process during which we document your weight, measurements, BMI and body fat %.  It should take about 15-20 minutes.  You’ll receive your WoW! Lifestyle Fitness Journal at this time.  (Whatever you’re wearing that day will be appropriate as long as it’s not a dress.)

Although you have registered for a particular session, you have the flexibility to attend any of our other WoW! Boot Camp classes should you need/want to. Remember, we encourage perfect attendance and even award small gifts for this well deserved achievement!

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It’s time to start living the life we’ve imagined.
– Henry James

A new quarter, a new project – a fresh start.  Nothing is more exciting or more energizing than the expectation of something new and good around the corner.  Day after day we dream, hope, plan and wonder – but one day we drive a stake in the ground:  “This is it. Here’s where we are, and here’s where we intend to go.” That’s when the magic starts.

One of our greatest powers in life is the power to choose our own direction, a higher and better goal – and then rise to it.

A new goal always lights the fire; high intentions always sets the wheels in motion.  The simple act of commitment – of finally taking action on our goal – helps mobilize the ideas, support and enthusiasm to make it happen.

By setting new and more meaningful goals for ourselves, we live our lives on purpose, instead of by chance.

Congratulations on making a decision and driving your stake with WoW! Boot Camp.  We look forward to watching the magic!

April Williams

WoW! Boot Camp, Founder

Certified Fitness Instructor, ACE
Co-Active Life Coach, CTI