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Congratulations !NAME!!

You’re registered for !SESSION!. However, please note that your registration is not complete until we receive your payment. We can only hold your spot in the session for 5 business days, so be sure to mail us your payment as soon as possible. The total amount due for this session is !PRICE!.

Our mailing address is:

WoW! Boot Camp
P.O. Box 407
Athens, Ga  30603

Here are some useful links for more information:

- For info on upcoming Friend Days and other events we have going on, view our calendar at:

- For some tips to have your best boot camp experience, visit:

- To view current and future class schedules, visit:

- For maps and parking information for specific locations, visit:

- There is also a FAQ with additional information at:

Once we receive your payment, the next step, as you may remember, is your WoW! Boot Camp Pre-Assessment. Your post-assessment from last month’s boot camp will serve as your pre-assessment for this month.  If you skipped this step, we strongly encourage you to contact your instructor to get on the schedule.

We’re happy to have you back, and as always, if you have any questions or comments don’t hesitate to contact us!

April Williams

WoW! Boot Camp, Founder

Certified Fitness Instructor, ACE
Co-Active Life Coach, CTI