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Sweet Potato Fries w/ Veggie Burger&Spinach Salad

Sweet Potato fries & veggie burger
Sweet Potato fries & veggie burger

Delicious and filling dinner option!  Take 1 medium size sweet potato & peel.  Cut into “fries”.  Spray with olive oil Pam.  Cook on 350 degrees for about 20-25 minutes-turning once (2 WW pts).  Serve with Morning Star Garden Veggie Patty (2 WW pts) and Lite Sunbeam whole wheat bun (1 WW pt).  I keep my buns in the freezer and pull them out 1 at a time. 
Spinach salad tonight was topped with 1/2 ripe tomato, chopped red peppers, 6 almonds (1 WW pt)-i love the crunch & 1 t olive oil (1 WW pt) and  1 T balsamic vinegar.

To make healthy choices easier, we keep red, yellow & orange peppers chopped in a tupperware container, as well as baby spinach on hand.   That way we always have a ready made salad on hand to add to any lunch or dinner option!


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