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Power Breakfast!

How do we get lean, healthy, strong & fit?  We exercise consistantly & eat CLEAN!
When my friend Tami (who exemplifies all of the above - beautiful body & Iron Girl stramina to go with it) first gave me some Kefir to try i wasn’t impressed.  Actually….i gagged!  But hey, i use to not like tomatoes either, so i gave it another try when we were together a couple of weekends ago.  But this time, we added some goodies to it.  (I might add that eating Greek Yogurt really prepped my pallet and i actually crave the tart taste of it now!)

Kefir w/Blueberries & Granola

1 cup Kefir (I like Lifeway low fat plain.  It has less carbs than the flavored variety.)
1 cup Blueberries Fresh or frozen with no added sugar.  (You can even go pick some fresh ones now at Washington Farms.  A whole bucket is just $17 and you can freeze them.)
1/4 cup Granola (i like Udi’s Natural Artisan.  I can only find it at EarthFare.  I like it because it’s lower in fat & still has a super crunchy texture & is delicious!  It’s on the end of the cereal isle – brown bag.  And a side note about granola…too much of a healthy thing is still too much!  I have “issues” with eating too much, so I use a measuring cup & don’t allow myself nibbling out of the bag.)

Mix together in a bowl.  Enjoy with a nice cold bottle of water.  (I’m sipping on a 33.8 oz bottle from EarthFare right now….aaah!)

5 WW Points (cut in 1/2 & eat as a power snack!)
Udi’s Granola-120 calories 3 g fiber & 4 g fat
Lifeway Kefir – 110 calories 3 g fiber & 2 g fat
Blueberries – 70 calories 4 g fiber & 1 g fat

14 grams of Protein!!  ENJOY!

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