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Michael Williams

Michael is the Lead Coach for WoW! Boot Camp – Men’s Edition and husband of April Williams, the founder of WoW! Boot Camp. A native of Athens, Ga., he graduated from Georgia State University with a BA in management and worked for over 6 years as a substance abuse counselor working with teens and their families. Following his work as a counselor, he worked in sales and was a leading producer in the financial business. As a competitive age-group runner and triathlete, he has been able to combine his athletic and business into a unique skill set which enables him to motivate and inspire others to dream big and work hard to achieve their fitness goals.

Michael Williams Michael knows it can be done because he has done it himself. He has gone from being 25 pounds overweight to being fit. He has gone from a 4:50 marathon to a 4:10 marathon to qualifying for the Boston Marathon with a 3:19 marathon. He has gone from finishing close to last in his age group in a sprint triathlon to several top 3 age group finishes at both sprint and Olympic distance triathlons. In 2008 Michael decided to try the half-ironman distance of 70.3 and finished with a sub-5 hour time of 4:57. In 2009 he will be competing in his first full ironman and has a goal time of 10:45.

Michael lives and believes in what he calls “The Fitness Lifestyle”. He believes in getting fit and doing something with it. Functional fitness: Fitness that gives the individual the confidence to get in the game and run that 5k, hike that challenging trail, ride that bike, complete that triathlon or how about just chasing and playing with the kids without getting out of breath. He encourages WoW! Boot Camp participants to go beyond weight loss goals and picture themselves having achieved IDEAL FITNESS. What does that look like? What are they doing? And then he encourages them to go for it!

Michael thinks he has the best job in the world.

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