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From Becky T.

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This is just to let you know what a difference a year makes. A friend just gave my husband and me a CD of some pictures she’s taken since Henry was born and I found these two pictures which show me before and after boot camp. The second picture was taken in October at Henry’s first birthday party. The first picture was taken when Henry was two months old – I wore maternity jeans for about four or five months after he was born. I was so self-conscious about my post-baby body that I didn’t want anyone to take my picture (unless I had a baby in my lap to camouflage the girth), so I had forgotten what I looked like a year ago. It’s good to be back in shape, and while I miss the boobs of Christmas 2006, I do not miss the belly, hips, or thunder thighs. Thanks so much for your help this year.

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